2024 Housing Forecast: What to Predict from 2023 Housing Prices in Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool

As we bid farewell to 2023 and embark on the new year of house hunting, it’s important to take note of all we’ve learned of price trends in the year. Various developers have defined the housing market in three of the United Kingdom’s most popular cities and their respective regions: Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool. In this article, we cast a retrospective gaze over the average housing prices in these cities by each developer, and what to potentially expect for these regions and developers in 2024.

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Manchester’s biggest developers this year were Bellway, Bloor Homes, Barratt Homes, and David Wilson. Barratt Homes was the largest contributor of new properties, as well as being the cheapest on average, at around £227,74 for their starting prices. Bloor Homes and Bellway both sat around the middle, with their average being £306,49 and £319,46 respectively, while David Wilson held the upper end coming in at £336,270. Overall, the average price for a new development home in Manchester across all major developers was £288,356. 

  • Cheapest developer: Barratt Homes
  • Biggest contributor: Barratt Homes
  • Average price in Manchester (Greater Manchester): £288,356


Bernets Nook – BB3 0LL


In the realm of property development in Leeds this year, major players included Bellway, Persimmon, David Wilson, Keepmoat, and Barratt. Keepmoat emerged as the most significant contributor, boasting an average price of £198,116 for their properties, making them the most budget-friendly option. On the higher end, David Wilson led with an average of £338,567, while Bellway, Persimmon, and Barratt occupied the middle ground with averages of £298,495, £208,283, and £237,162, respectively. In Leeds overall, the average price for a new development home across all major developers settled at £249,509.

  • Cheapest developer: Keepmoat
  • Biggest contributor: Keepmoat
  • Average price in Leeds (West Yorkshire): £249,509


Dee Gardens- CH5 2RA


In the landscape of property development in Liverpool, notable contributors this year included Bellway, Bloor, Barratt, Torus Homes, Persimmon, Keepmoat, and David Wilson. David Wilson emerged as the foremost contributor, holding an average property price of £285,966 but simultaneously the most expensive. On the spectrum of affordability, Torus Homes stood out with an average of £121,667, making them the most economical choice. Meanwhile, Barratt, Keepmoat, and Persimmon claimed middle ground with averages of £213,063, £212,162, and £188,495, respectively. Bellway and Bloor navigated the higher-range with averages of £267,559 and £286,995, contributing to Liverpool’s overall average new development home price of £247,741.

  • Cheapest developer: Torus Homes
  • Biggest contributor: David Wilson
  • Average price in Liverpool (Merseyside): £247,741


Calder Rise – PR4 0WL


According to the BBC, the cost of purchasing a house across the UK is expected to fall while rent only rises. 

Analysts and lenders are predicting a decline in UK house prices in 2024, with government forecasts indicating a potential drop of nearly 5%, although lenders are anticipating a less significant fall. Concurrently, the cost of renting a home is expected to continue rising, with property experts suggesting a 5-6% increase in rents for newly-let properties following a year of sharp rises.

The cost of new developments will therefore only become more relevant, and we expect that housing prices will continue to become more affordable as the potential more viable option for young homemakers in 2024.

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