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Established in 2020, Getting On The Ladder was founded to help first-time buyers navigate the property market. However, we also recognise the difficulties that first-time buyers face. We’ve been there ourselves – the stress of finances, the overwhelming jargon, and the uncertainty of such a significant life decision.

But despite these challenges, 72% of first-time buyers agree that the result, owning your own home is worth it. That’s why at Getting On The Ladder, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

We  search for the best offers on properties in your area, allowing you to sort through based on your specific needs. Need a quiet home office? No problem! Planning to start a family? We find the properties with extra that get you on the ladder. 

With the upcoming recession, we are committed to helping home buyers find the best deals and save them money. We’ll be here every step, from your first search until you’ve got the keys to your new dream home in your hands!

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Whether you are a property developer, a real estate agency, or an individual looking to sell your new build home,

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