Stamp Duty - phone with the calculator open on top of papers

Stamp Duty – What Does It Mean For First-Time Buyers

There is the price of your new dream home and there are those hidden extra costs that you only find out once you start looking into house-buying. One such cost is called the Stamp Duty (Land and buildings transaction tax in Scotland and Land transaction tax in Wales).  Lucky for you, we are going to cover everything you need to know about this in this handy guide. England: Stamp Duty In England, the...

house keys deposit Deposit - How Much Will You Need As A First-Time Buyer

Deposit – How Much Will You Need As A First-Time Buyer

One of the major hurdles you need to consider when buying your house is the deposit. You will need a good amount of your deposit down in hard cash. No wonder 73% of aspiring first-time buyers named the deposit as their biggest obstacle to purchasing their own home. Don’t sweat though. We got you covered. This guide has everything: from what a deposit is, to what percentage you can still get away...

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