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Leeds is an energetic and largely populated city in the centre of West Yorkshire, surrounded by some of the best scenery in the UK. Long appreciated as a diverse and welcoming place to be, Leeds can boast the UK’s second largest economy and financial sector, making it a centre of possibilities and opportunity. Some of the world’s best known retail brands, including Marks & Spencer’s, began life in Leeds as humble market stalls and the city’s retail areas are still expanding to this day. The massively popular Leeds festival is held nearby every August, and every September some 65,000 new students are welcomed into the city giving it a truly dynamic and exciting feel. The Leeds Royal  Armouries, The Leeds City Museum and The Thackeray Museum are popular attractions, and leafy green suburbs are plentiful. The beautiful Roundhay Park, one of Europe’s largest city parks, is just a stone throw from the centre. 

Leeds consistently scores highly in best places to live in the UK lists, based on a low cost of living, general happiness of the population and employment rates. There are all kinds of homes available for first time buyers in Leeds, including the traditional sandstone terraced houses (think of the TV adverts for Warburtons and Yorkshire Tea), 3-bedroom semi detached homes and functionally modern new build areas. It all comes together to make Leeds a fantastic and unique place to buy your first home!

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