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Help To Buy Scheme – What First-Time Buyers Need To Know

The Help to Buy scheme offers a much-needed aid for first-time buyers looking to step onto the property ladder. And let’s face it, we need all the help we can get. COVID has hit some millennials hard... For people aged 25-39, unemployment was the second-highest in the summer of 2020. On top of that, house prices have been rising - the average cost of a UK home increased by £25,000 in the 12...


Post-Lockdown Home Buying Guide For First-Time Buyers

The pandemic has not only changed our lives drastically but it also left its mark on the process of buying your first home.  The transition from office to WFH  made many of us realize that you don’t need to live so near to your workplace. Maybe the lockdown made you crave a garden, green open spaces, or affordable living closer to home. No matter what effect COVID-19 had on your house buying...

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What Costs Do You Need To Consider When You Buy Your First Home

Buying a house costs a lot of money… If this wasn’t, everyone would be doing it. But just how expensive is stepping on the property ladder? What costs can you expect?  We know, costs are not fun to think about, but they are necessary to discuss. If not, your budget can run out very quickly and leave you short. Luckily, this guide will help you get a clear picture of all the house buying...

homes for sale udall grange stone 135318 Finding Your Dream Home: From Browsing To House Viewing

Finding Your Dream Home: From Browsing To House Viewing

Looking for your dream home can be intimidating. Some of us have a crystal clear vision of what our new mi-casa should look like. Others only have vague preferences...  Whichever category you belong in, having an organized approach to your search will help you tremendously. You can save time and money if you are smart about your browsing. Check out our guide below. It has everything you need to know...

Exchange & Completion - Man signing contract

Exchange & Completion – Answers To All The How-s, What-s & When-s

You put in your offer and… then what next? After your offer has been accepted by the homebuilder, next comes the Exchange followed by the Completion.  These are your typical property jargon phrases that forecast a lot of bureaucracy. Exchange and Completion do require a lot of organizing and phone calls but most of them are handled by your solicitor or conveyancer. Plus it is needed to finally call...

Mortgage application process - British Pound

Applying For A Mortgage – All You Need To Know

Applying for a mortgage is the height of adulthood for a lot of us. It can be very intimidating - after all a mortgage means being in debt for several years… Even thinking about beginning the mortgage process can be overwhelming. That is why we created this guide. To show you the most important aspects of taking out a mortgage as a first-time buyer. We hope that after reading this, you’ll anxiety...

Stamp Duty - phone with the calculator open on top of papers

Stamp Duty – What Does It Mean For First-Time Buyers

There is the price of your new dream home and there are those hidden extra costs that you only find out once you start looking into house-buying. One such cost is called the Stamp Duty (Land and buildings transaction tax in Scotland and Land transaction tax in Wales).  Lucky for you, we are going to cover everything you need to know about this in this handy guide. England: Stamp Duty In England, the...

house keys deposit Deposit - How Much Will You Need As A First-Time Buyer

Deposit – How Much Will You Need As A First-Time Buyer

One of the major hurdles you need to consider when buying your house is the deposit. You will need a good amount of your deposit down in hard cash. No wonder 73% of aspiring first-time buyers named the deposit as their biggest obstacle to purchasing their own home. Don’t sweat though. We got you covered. This guide has everything: from what a deposit is, to what percentage you can still get away...

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